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Summer 2007 Seminars Newsletter


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Grappling Groundfighting Seminar

To all my students, friends, and acquaintences,

Sunday June 3rd from 2pm to 4 pm Proving grounds will be hosting the first of it's summer combat seminars. This seminars focus will be on Katame grappling arts. All aspects of Standing, kneeling, laying grappling arts, along with arm bars, leg locks, chokes and submissions will be taught. Also defenses and escapes against other grappling arts will be taught as well.
Kyoshi (7th degree black belt in the system) Sensei Alton Martin jr. will be coming down from North Port, FL. and teaching this class at proving grounds with Sensei Kevin VanHall. This class will have a fee of $20.00 and will be an awesome martial arts training experience.
You are welcome to bring friends as well. There will be no spectators allowed, everyone must participate!
What to bring: lots of water, a towel, and training clothes you can get dirty and thrown around in.

What to expect: a total grappling experience, heat, sweat, dirt, choke holds, arm bars, leg locks, escapes, and being thrown down and in every direction you can think of. Basically a whole lot of fun. see ya there -oosh - Proving Grounds chief instructor- Kevin

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